Crowdfund for Kids

Crowdfund for Kids by Creating a Personal Fundraising Page

Would you like to support Charity Newsies through an upcoming milestone or special event in your life? Do you want to create a campaign through online donations to make sure kids have clothing for school?

For every $150 you raise, Charity Newsies will be able to purchase clothing for a child in Franklin County. We want to support you with your fundraising efforts. 

Ways to Support Charity Newsies Through Crowdfunding

  • Celebrations and Milestones: Are you celebrating a birthday, wedding day, anniversary, graduation, life milestone or any other special occasion? In lieu of gifts, make a difference in the lives of children.
  • IRL or Virtual Fundraiser: Whether you are hosting an event or a virtual fundraising campaign, personal fundraising pages are an easy way to reach your fundraising goals. You can collect donations IRL and virtually through your personal fundraising webpage.
  • Honorary and Memorial Gifts: Set up a personal fundraising page in honor or memory of a loved friend or family member to honor their legacy while leaving a lasting impact.
  • Kids Helping Kids: Each year for decades, Bexley City School students have been helping other kids in Franklin County by raising money for Charity Newsies. There are so many ways kids can make an impact on other children, from doing chores for dollars to lemonade stands, bake sales, athletic challenges, etc. The limits stop with your imagination!

Elementary students sitting on the floor of a school classroom
School girl smiling as she receives a new coat from the Charity Newisies

If you have any trouble setting up your personal fundraising page, we are here to help. Please email or call us at 614-263-4300.