Why We Want to Help

One of the main reasons why children miss school is a lack of adequate clothing. Charity Newsies removes this barrier to ensure that no child be kept from school due to inadequate clothing.  This means we can provide students with everything from warm winter coats to vocational school uniform essentials.

(1 NEWSIES JOY SQUILLANTE 11/22/06) Brooklin Jordan (CQ), 7, is happy to get new pants that fit at Charity Newsies Wednesday. She received new jeans Tuesday, but they didn't fit, so she was able to exchange them on Wednesday. She was interviewed by Joy. (Dispatch photo by Fred Squillante.)

When a child wears new clothes that he/she picks out, he/she feels good — wants to go to school — wants to succeed.

Since 1907, well over ½ million children have received new school clothes and shoes from Charity Newsies.

When it comes to succeeding in school, children face many obstacles–we work tirelessly, year-round to ensure that improper clothing is not one of them.

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