Tony Perez, Chairman of the Board


Tony Perez has been a member of Charity Newsies since 2008.  Since joining Charity Newsies, Tony has shown a strong commitment and desire to help wherever needed, whether it is weekly home visits, taking applications, working at headquarters, or helping with fundraising events.  He has served on various committees, has been a Board Trustee and is currently the President for 2017 clothing season.  For the last 7 years, Tony has worked the Annual Paper Drive Day on the corner of West Broad Street and Rome-Hilliard Road.  As an educator, he has seen first-hand children without adequate clothing and strongly believes in the organization’s mission, “That no child shall be kept out of school for lack of adequate clothing”.

Tony was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio.  He grew up on the Hilltop and attended Columbus Briggs High School.  Tony and his wife Nickie have been married for 15 years and currently live in Worthington.  He has a son, Christopher 28, and a daughter, Ashley 26 and also two stepdaughters Kori and April.  Tony is currently a Special Education teacher at Hilliard Davidson High School.

When asked of what the importance of being a Newsie means to him he replied, “I believe in our mission statement and that we serve a very integral part of helping young folks become successful in academia and life in our community.”

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