Goodbye Summer Boredom

Soak up the Summer Sun

As soon as the bell rings on the last day of school, students are excited to be free from the routine and enter into lazy days of summer. With the change of schedule, it widens the amount of spare time. Parents or babysitters often hear the phrases boredom through-out the summer time. There are multiple ideas to keep kids active and entertained through the summer. These activities can create family or friend bonding time during the hot summer days. Try something new with the kids and give them memories to remember.

Take advantage of a warm day and find a spot to sit for a picnic. Pack snacks for the kids that are healthy to eat and easy to pack. Go-to ideas include sandwiches, cut up fruit and vegetables, granola bars, oatmeal cookies or applesauce. Having the food packed in sandwich bags and containers creates easy transport and lets the kids have their own separate snack. Be sure to pack a blanket to sit on and soak up the sun.

Let the kids explore their imagination and businesses skills by making a lemonade stand. Just get an old cardboard box and have the kids decorate it with different art supplies to make it their own. Make lemonade with a powder mix-in, water and sugar. Pour into plastic cups and have them ready to be purchased buy visitors. Set the stand outside and let the kids have fun by selling lemonade to people who pass by.

Go to a local pathway or walk around the neighborhood to get some fresh air. The kids will enjoy being outside to explore around them. Along the way collect some unique nature objects. Take those pieces back and create a collage with the items gathered. The kids can add paint or draw on the collage to create a new masterpiece.

For an entertaining summer night create a camping atmosphere. Set up a tent outside for the kids to use as a playhouse. Create a fire pit outside to sit around and make delicious treats. S’mores are the classic campfire go to with the graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. Get a jar or container once the sun goes down so the kids can catch fireflies.

Rainy days can put a damper on wanting to be spending time outside. To have an enjoyable day inside watch movies with the kids. Make some popcorn and snuggle up on the couch to their favorite movies. In addition, board games make for a great idea to pass up the time. Have the kids choose some games to play that will add to their indoor entertainment. It also makes for some quality family time.

By adding these activities and ideas to the long summer days the kids will forget about their boredom and be wanting to play. The kids will make some special memories and have a summer they will always remember.

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