Our Membership


Charity Newsies began in 1907 as three businessmen, George Baker, Harry Shunk and C.C. Philbrick, interrupted their dinner to help a cold little boy sell his newspapers so he could help his family.  The men shouted, “It’s all for charity!” and sold all the newspapers and gave the little boy the money.  A few weeks later, the men gathered 50 of their friends to sell more newspapers to help more children and 100+ years later volunteer Charity Newsies members have provided new, weather-appropriate, school clothes to more than ½ million children in Franklin County.

Although Newsies are best known for dressing in white coveralls the second Saturday of December to sell special edition newspapers, Newsies work year-round. In fact, annually members collectively volunteer more than 14,000 hours a year…not including the newspaper sale. From taking applications and working in the warehouse to participating in fundraising and outreach events, the work of many Newsies is more than just one day a year.

Levels of Membership

  • Active Members
  • Veteran Life Members
    – those who have given at least 10 years of service
    – over age 65 or are under a disability affecting active service to the Association
  • Probationary Members
    – our new members serving one year probationary membership
  • Honorary Members
    – older than 55 years of age
    – unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees to citizens in the community, public officials and national figures for outstanding service to the Association
    – dues are waived, however, they make contributions in many other ways – many attend meetings and sell papers on Paper Drive Day

Becoming a Member
If you are interested in becoming a Newsie, go to “Membership” to download a membership application and to find out more about how members get involved to help the children in our community.

Charity Newsies