Educational Websites


An educational game focused website to show how learning can be fun and interactive. Aimed for kids as young as preschool to eighth grade to enhance learning. There is a variety of 100 games to choose from along with popular books available to read. Games are concentrated on improving reading, literacy, spelling, math and comprehension skills. In addition, grade levels can be selected with a set of games or readings that are recommended. FunBrain is a completely free website and for anyone to access with no login required.


Khan Academy

Khan is fully free but a login account is required to access the site. There are numerous subjects including math, science, engineering, arts, humanities, economics, finance and computing. Each category also has a selection of topics based within the courses. In addition to courses, there is test prep with quizzes and K-8 grades separated with different lessons. Within each topic there is a reading, quizzes, plethora of informative videos and exercises to try. A section for teachers and parents is available to see how their kid is succeeding and how to help them. This website is for anyone with courses starting from kindergarten to beyond college.


Kids Know It

This website is packed with resources to find and search through. Topics include the basic core teachings but also astrology, dinosaurs, memory, spelling and geology. With each course a website link is directed with the site for only solely that topic. Each link has worksheets, games, readings, movies, music and text books. All of the website is completely free to use with the easy access to share information on social media.


Learning Games for Kids

This website is centered on building on the foundational skills kids are taught in school. Educational games are mostly recommended but there are videos, lessons and sections throughout the site. This is aimed for preschoolers to middle schoolers so they can enhance the skills they are learning everyday. Topics include math addition, multiplication cards, reading, language skills, science and history with adjoining games. It is completely free with no login required.


Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is for kids who need practice with reading or enhance their skills. This contains over 250 Ebooks available all free to access as needed. In addition, there are activities focused not only on reading but math as well. There are tips for parents on how to help guide your child into reading easier. This site is recommended for ages 3-11 because of the reading level of Ebooks. This site is free but a login is needed to access all of the books and games.

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