Clothe-A-Child Program

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What are your hours?

♥  Monday thru Friday, 9am to 12:30pm.  

Do you have evening hours?

♥  No.

Where are you located?

♥  4300 Indianola Avenue, Columbus, OH 43214

What do I need to bring with me when I pick up my clothing?

♥  Your appointment confirmation printed out on paper or on your phone.

Do I need to bring my children with me?

  No.  We prefer you not bring your child(ren) with you.  

What do I do when I get there for my clothing pick-up time?

  Pull in our parking lot and park. 

♥  STAY IN YOUR CAR.  Do not come to any of our doors. 


  Our volunteers will come to you and assist you in this process.

Please note: There will be no inside access to our building or restrooms.

What if I cannot come during my scheduled appointment time?

♥  Please make every possible effort to make your appointment time.  If you cannot make your scheduled pick-up time, see if a responsible family member, friend or neighbor can come for you.  They must bring with them a copy of your confirmation email.

Who can apply?

  Parents or Guardians can apply if child(ren) are a resident of Franklin County and financially need clothing assistance.

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