Services Provided

Outfitting students in grades K-12 with clothes that fit and are appropriate for Ohio weather is the heart of what we do. The children we serve are enrolled in public, private, charter and vocational schools—students from more than 400 schools in Franklin County are helped each year by Charity Newsies.

The majority of students are given a warm winter jacket, pants, shirts, undergarments, socks, hat, gloves and a shoe voucher for Payless.  Our vocations school clients are supplied with industry-specific items such as chef whites, medical scrubs and construction boots.

Outside the main scope of the Newsie Clothing Program, Charity Newsies provides assistance through various agencies on an “emergency basis”.  In addition, we work closely with the school guidance counselors and social workers to provide assistance to children identified by school staff having special circumstances that warrant bypassing the normal Newsie process to provide clothing quickly.  We are proud to work with Red Cross, YWCA Family Center, Ronald McDonald House and CHOICES to clothe needy children.

No child should be kept from school due to inadequate clothing!



Charity Newsies