Meet Our Board Members

2016 Board Members

  • Stephen Chandler, Chairman of the Board
    • Newsie for 11 years
      What does being a Newsie mean to you?
      That I am part of organization that has deep ties to the community, and has been providing basic human services for those less fortunate than I am.
  • John Umpleby, President
  • Anthony Perez, 1st Vice President and Drive Chairman
  • Patrick Conley, 2nd Vice President and Assistant Drive Chairman
  • Gladys Davis, Treasurer
  • Melanie Evans, Financial Secretary
  • Betsy Eckel, Corresponding Secretary
  • Chuck Rundio, Sergeant-at-Arms


  • Michael Burrell
  • Rob Childers
  • James Mock, Sr.
  • Atchie Atcheson
  • Gil Feiertag
  • Chris Nottke
  • Mike Hill
  • Tom McGarity
  • Geoff Schleicher

Headquarters Manager

  • Michael Miller
Charity Newsies